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About Gifu

Gifu Prefecture is home to the famous Gero Hot Springs and has a historic urban landscape with an abundance of nature. Usuzumi and Chujo Hime Seigan cherry blossoms are designated as protected species. The gassho style houses in Shirakawa Village, a world heritage-listed area, are beautiful in snow-covered winter and throughout the year. Takayama City referred to as "the little Kyoto of Hida" retains an old-world Edo period flavor, and visitors can snack on a sweet local food, Mitarashi Dango.

Gifu Travel

Gifu Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Hidafurukawa, Shokawa, Kiyomi
Hidafurukawa, Shokawa, Kiyomi Accommodation
Hidafurukawa, Shokawa, Kiyomi Hotels
Hidafurukawa, Shokawa, Kiyomi Ryokan
Hidafurukawa, Shokawa, Kiyomi Villa
Hidafurukawa, Shokawa, Kiyomi Public inn
Hidafurukawa, Shokawa, Kiyomi Pension etc
Hidatakayama, Nyukawa
Hidatakayama, Nyukawa Accommodation
Hidatakayama, Nyukawa Hotels
Hidatakayama, Nyukawa Ryokan
Hidatakayama, Nyukawa Villa
Hidatakayama, Nyukawa Public inn
Hidatakayama, Nyukawa Pension etc
Okuhida Accommodation
Okuhida Hotels
Okuhida Ryokan
Okuhida Villa
Okuhida Public inn
Okuhida Pension etc
Gero, Southern Hida
Gero, Southern Hida Accommodation
Gero, Southern Hida Hotels
Gero, Southern Hida Ryokan
Gero, Southern Hida Villa
Gero, Southern Hida Public inn
Gero, Southern Hida Pension etc
Gujohachiman, Shirotori, Takasu, Meiho
Gujohachiman, Shirotori, Takasu, Meiho Accommodation
Gujohachiman, Shirotori, Takasu, Meiho Hotels
Gujohachiman, Shirotori, Takasu, Meiho Ryokan
Gujohachiman, Shirotori, Takasu, Meiho Villa
Gujohachiman, Shirotori, Takasu, Meiho Public inn
Gujohachiman, Shirotori, Takasu, Meiho Pension etc
Mino, Seki
Mino, Seki Accommodation
Mino, Seki Hotels
Mino, Seki Ryokan
Mino, Seki Villa
Mino, Seki Public inn
Mino, Seki Pension etc
Ena, Nakatsugawa, Mizunami
Ena, Nakatsugawa, Mizunami Accommodation
Ena, Nakatsugawa, Mizunami Hotels
Ena, Nakatsugawa, Mizunami Ryokan
Ena, Nakatsugawa, Mizunami Villa
Ena, Nakatsugawa, Mizunami Public inn
Ena, Nakatsugawa, Mizunami Pension etc
Tajimi, Toki, Kamo, Kani
Tajimi, Toki, Kamo, Kani Accommodation
Tajimi, Toki, Kamo, Kani Hotels
Tajimi, Toki, Kamo, Kani Ryokan
Tajimi, Toki, Kamo, Kani Villa
Tajimi, Toki, Kamo, Kani Public inn
Tajimi, Toki, Kamo, Kani Pension etc
Gifu, Hashima
Gifu, Hashima Accommodation
Gifu, Hashima Hotels
Gifu, Hashima Ryokan
Gifu, Hashima Villa
Gifu, Hashima Public inn
Gifu, Hashima Pension etc
Ogaki, Yoro, Ibi
Ogaki, Yoro, Ibi Accommodation
Ogaki, Yoro, Ibi Hotels
Ogaki, Yoro, Ibi Ryokan
Ogaki, Yoro, Ibi Villa
Ogaki, Yoro, Ibi Public inn
Ogaki, Yoro, Ibi Pension etc
Shirakawago Accommodation
Shirakawago Hotels
Shirakawago Ryokan
Shirakawago Villa
Shirakawago Public inn
Shirakawago Pension etc

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