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About Ibaraki

Ibaraki Prefecture is known for its beautiful sea and rich natural environment. Visitors can enjoy seafood such as flounder and goosefish, and food from the land such as apples, grapes, and bean curd skin. Tsukuba Academic New Town which was built in accordance with national policy is a world-class research town and designated a model district for international tourism. Mito City has many Tokugawa family buildings associated with Mistukuni Tokugawa, the Vice Shogun of the Edo period.

Ibaraki Travel

Ibaraki Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

KitaIbaraki Accommodation
KitaIbaraki Hotels
KitaIbaraki Ryokan
KitaIbaraki Villa
KitaIbaraki Public inn
KitaIbaraki Pension etc
Hitachi Accommodation
Hitachi Hotels
Hitachi Ryokan
Hitachi Villa
Hitachi Public inn
Hitachi Pension etc
Kuji, Fukuroda
Kuji, Fukuroda Accommodation
Kuji, Fukuroda Hotels
Kuji, Fukuroda Ryokan
Kuji, Fukuroda Villa
Kuji, Fukuroda Public inn
Kuji, Fukuroda Pension etc
Mito Accommodation
Mito Hotels
Mito Ryokan
Mito Villa
Mito Public inn
Mito Pension etc
Kasama Accommodation
Kasama Hotels
Kasama Ryokan
Kasama Villa
Kasama Public inn
Kasama Pension etc
Shimodate, Makabe, Sakuragawa
Shimodate, Makabe, Sakuragawa Accommodation
Shimodate, Makabe, Sakuragawa Hotels
Shimodate, Makabe, Sakuragawa Ryokan
Shimodate, Makabe, Sakuragawa Villa
Shimodate, Makabe, Sakuragawa Public inn
Shimodate, Makabe, Sakuragawa Pension etc
Yuki, Koga
Yuki, Koga Accommodation
Yuki, Koga Hotels
Yuki, Koga Ryokan
Yuki, Koga Villa
Yuki, Koga Public inn
Yuki, Koga Pension etc
Tsukuba Accommodation
Tsukuba Hotels
Tsukuba Ryokan
Tsukuba Villa
Tsukuba Public inn
Tsukuba Pension etc
Ushiku Accommodation
Ushiku Hotels
Ushiku Ryokan
Ushiku Villa
Ushiku Public inn
Ushiku Pension etc
Kasumigaura, Tsuchiura
Kasumigaura, Tsuchiura Accommodation
Kasumigaura, Tsuchiura Hotels
Kasumigaura, Tsuchiura Ryokan
Kasumigaura, Tsuchiura Villa
Kasumigaura, Tsuchiura Public inn
Kasumigaura, Tsuchiura Pension etc
Itako Accommodation
Itako Hotels
Itako Ryokan
Itako Villa
Itako Public inn
Itako Pension etc
Kashima Accommodation
Kashima Hotels
Kashima Ryokan
Kashima Villa
Kashima Public inn
Kashima Pension etc
Oarai, Hitachinaka
Oarai, Hitachinaka Accommodation
Oarai, Hitachinaka Hotels
Oarai, Hitachinaka Ryokan
Oarai, Hitachinaka Villa
Oarai, Hitachinaka Public inn
Oarai, Hitachinaka Pension etc
Hokota City
Hokota City Accommodation
Hokota City Hotels
Hokota City Ryokan
Hokota City Villa
Hokota City Public inn
Hokota City Pension etc

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