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About Iwate

Iwate Prefecture has thriving agricultural and stockraising industries. It is home to Appi Kogen where skiers come from all over Japan, and Fujiwara Heritage Park, a theme park built as a Heian period city which is often used in TV dramas. The capital city, Morioka, a castle town, has many shrines, temples, and historic sites. It is also where the great literary figures Kenji Miyazawa and Takuboku Ishikawa spent their youth. Wanko soba which is fun and delicious to eat is known throughout Japan.

Iwate Travel

Iwate Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Shizukuishi, Oshuku
Shizukuishi, Oshuku Accommodation
Shizukuishi, Oshuku Hotels
Shizukuishi, Oshuku Ryokan
Shizukuishi, Oshuku Villa
Shizukuishi, Oshuku Public inn
Shizukuishi, Oshuku Pension etc
Morioka, Tsunagi
Morioka, Tsunagi Accommodation
Morioka, Tsunagi Hotels
Morioka, Tsunagi Ryokan
Morioka, Tsunagi Villa
Morioka, Tsunagi Public inn
Morioka, Tsunagi Pension etc
Appi, Hachimantai, Ninohe
Appi, Hachimantai, Ninohe Accommodation
Appi, Hachimantai, Ninohe Hotels
Appi, Hachimantai, Ninohe Ryokan
Appi, Hachimantai, Ninohe Villa
Appi, Hachimantai, Ninohe Public inn
Appi, Hachimantai, Ninohe Pension etc
Hanamaki, Kitakami, Yuda
Hanamaki, Kitakami, Yuda Accommodation
Hanamaki, Kitakami, Yuda Hotels
Hanamaki, Kitakami, Yuda Ryokan
Hanamaki, Kitakami, Yuda Villa
Hanamaki, Kitakami, Yuda Public inn
Hanamaki, Kitakami, Yuda Pension etc
Tono Accommodation
Tono Hotels
Tono Ryokan
Tono Villa
Tono Public inn
Tono Pension etc
Kamaishi, Ofunato
Kamaishi, Ofunato Accommodation
Kamaishi, Ofunato Hotels
Kamaishi, Ofunato Ryokan
Kamaishi, Ofunato Villa
Kamaishi, Ofunato Public inn
Kamaishi, Ofunato Pension etc
Miyako Accommodation
Miyako Hotels
Miyako Ryokan
Miyako Villa
Miyako Public inn
Miyako Pension etc
Kuji Accommodation
Kuji Hotels
Kuji Ryokan
Kuji Villa
Kuji Public inn
Kuji Pension etc
Hiraizumi, Ichinoseki
Hiraizumi, Ichinoseki Accommodation
Hiraizumi, Ichinoseki Hotels
Hiraizumi, Ichinoseki Ryokan
Hiraizumi, Ichinoseki Villa
Hiraizumi, Ichinoseki Public inn
Hiraizumi, Ichinoseki Pension etc
Osyu, Mizusawa, Esashi
Osyu, Mizusawa, Esashi Accommodation
Osyu, Mizusawa, Esashi Hotels
Osyu, Mizusawa, Esashi Ryokan
Osyu, Mizusawa, Esashi Villa
Osyu, Mizusawa, Esashi Public inn
Osyu, Mizusawa, Esashi Pension etc

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