Subject:Jalan International Hotel Reservation Confirmation

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Thank you very much for reserving .
Please check the following reservation information:
Reservation accepted at:2011/03/17 12:04
Reservation number:62A13WMU
Confirmation key:3201948234
Guest Name(Representative):Taro Yamada
Hotel:Jalan International Hotel
Overseas  call : +81-3-9999-9999  (From Japan : 03-9999-9999)
Address:100-6640 GranTokyo SOUTHTOWER, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
所在地:〒100-6640 東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-2 グラントウキョウサウスタワー
Check-in date and time:2011/06/26 17:00
Room type:Double (small)
Number of Room(s):1room(s)
Plan:a bit Rich ! with Esthetic treatments
Check-In Time:14:00~18:00
Check-Out Time:11:00
Plan Details:The best plan that esthetics,stay,supper,breakfast makes a set. 
             It becomes beautiful in the course that can be chosen with allumer from among head spa facial and three shiatsus. 
             Three courses that can be chosenAll circulation..asthenopia..stiff neck..become
             Whitening facial
             To anxious about the skin such as the dryness done by the rough dry skin and the air conditioning because of lack of sleep and the stress. 
             With aroma foot shiatsu intestines therapy +
             To saving up the tiredness of every day such as congealing neck, shoulders, and waists
Meal Service:With breakfast
             With dinner
Cancellation Fee:
  On the date of arrival: 50%of total amount
  Without notification in advance: 100%of total amount
Room Rates
  Night 1
    (Room 1)
         JPY 4,000  (Adult(s)) x 2 person(s)
  Subtotal: JPY 8,000
Total charge:JPY8,000(Including tax and service fee)
Additional Charges:aaa
If you want to change the check-in time or ask about details 
like deposit or room rates, please contact the following accommodation directly:
Hotel:Jalan International Hotel
Overseas call : +81-3-9999-9999  (From Japan : 03-9999-9999)
You can check or cacel your reservation on the following page.
After the deadline of the reservation cancellation via Jalan net, 
please contact the accomodation directly.
Detailed information  of the hotel:Jalan International Hotel International Hotel/
Jalan International Hotel
About the reservation confirmation mail:
We recommend to print this mail and take it to the hotel.
About troubles during the stay:
If any problem occurred during the stay, 
please notify the accommodation for quick solution.