About SSL

Jalan net protects your personal information by SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

About SSL

SSL is the technology to provide security for on-line communications between our server and you by two-way authentication, combining digital signature and encryption. Using SSL prevents third parties from reading or falsifying your personal information and enables to send and receive it more securely via the Internet.

All of your information and the contents on these pages will be encrypted (SSL Encryption) and exchanged between our server and you. So, although the data is fairly protected from being stolen by the third parties via Internet, please note that it is not completely secured when you submit your information.

If an Error Occurs

If an error regarding SSL occurs when you make a reservation or inquire, make sure to check the browser settings and enable SSL 2.0 or 3.0, or in the case of office LAN access, ask your network administrators to check the firewall settings and open Port 443.

This is a Verisign Secured Website.