Rates for child and infant
Principally, the child rate is applicable to those aged 12 or younger (those aged 13 or older must pay the adult rate).
In the case that children are aged 5 or younger, their accommodation fees vary depending on which booking category (with meals and beds/with meals/with beds/no meals and beds) is chosen for them.
* Polices about accepting children depend on the plans, so please refer to Rates for child and infant of your plan.
* Some facilities have different policies about children's ages different from those mentioned above. Please refer to Notices.
* At the time of making reservations, if there is "Questions from the Hotel" in Reservation Details, we recommend you to list your children's ages there for your convenience.

[How to Read Charges]

Detailed statements for the number of guests you set will be displayed on the Room Plan page.

・This means the amount is ○○% of the adult charge.
・This means the amount is the adult charge minus ○○ yen.
・This means the amount is ○○yen, regardless of the adult charge.
・This means there are no plans available matching your search terms.

* Some accommodations could separately charge guests with children facility usage fees. Please refer to Notices.

Setting the number of guests on the main page enables you to do the followings:
1) Searching/refining your search for accommodations matching your criteria including the number of children.
2) Checking your total fees including the child rates on Hotel Info, Room Plan, and Monthly rates calendar.

How to Change the Number of Children
You can change the number of children on Search Result, Room Plan, and Rooms & Rates.
Click "Child(ren)" and reset it.

The Number of Times of Meals for Children
If you set "Child (6-12 years old)", "Infant (0-5 years old) with meals and beds", or "Infant (0-5 years old) with meals", the number of times of meals for your children is the same as those for adults. If your plans do not include meals for adults, please note there will be no meal for your children, either. (For example, if you plan is "with breakfast, without dinner", even if you choose "Child/Infant with meals", dinner will not be served.)

Menus and Kinds of Meals and Beds/Futons for Children
Menus and kinds of meals and beds/futons for children to stay at the child rates vary from one facility to another; some offer the same as those for adults, while others may serve different ones especially for children.

Room Capacity
Each room has a "capacity", according to how many beds/futons can be laid out. If your children need beds/futons, they will be counted even if they stay at the child rates. You are not allowed to stay in a room with a group of people beyond its capacity
The Search Result does not show accommodations/plans that do not accept the number of people you have set for a room. If you change the number of guests and it is more than the capacity for the room, the error message will be displayed.

* Although your children do not need beds/futons, the total number of guests might exceed the capacity regulated by Fire Defense Law. In that case, your choice of facilities may ask you to change your plans, including the number of rooms, even after your reservations are completed.