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About Okayama

Okayama Prefecture is famous for the Shimizu Hakuto peach which grows in the warm climate of the Seto Inland Sea and kibidango dumplings from the folktale of Momotaro. The hot springs and ski resorts are visited by tourists all year round. The capital city, Okayama, flourished as a castle town and is home to the famous Korakuen garden. Kurashiki City has plenty to see such as the white wall storehouses along the Kurashiki River and Seto Ohashi Bridge. Fujito manjyu is also a popular confection.

Okayama Travel

Okayama Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Okayama, Tamano
Okayama, Tamano Accommodation
Okayama, Tamano Hotels
Okayama, Tamano Ryokan
Okayama, Tamano Villa
Okayama, Tamano Public inn
Okayama, Tamano Pension etc
Ushimado, Hinase
Ushimado, Hinase Accommodation
Ushimado, Hinase Hotels
Ushimado, Hinase Ryokan
Ushimado, Hinase Villa
Ushimado, Hinase Public inn
Ushimado, Hinase Pension etc
Kurashiki, Kojima, Wasyuzan
Kurashiki, Kojima, Wasyuzan Accommodation
Kurashiki, Kojima, Wasyuzan Hotels
Kurashiki, Kojima, Wasyuzan Ryokan
Kurashiki, Kojima, Wasyuzan Villa
Kurashiki, Kojima, Wasyuzan Public inn
Kurashiki, Kojima, Wasyuzan Pension etc
Soja, Ibara, Kasaoka
Soja, Ibara, Kasaoka Accommodation
Soja, Ibara, Kasaoka Hotels
Soja, Ibara, Kasaoka Ryokan
Soja, Ibara, Kasaoka Villa
Soja, Ibara, Kasaoka Public inn
Soja, Ibara, Kasaoka Pension etc
Yubara, Hiruzen-kogen
Yubara, Hiruzen-kogen Accommodation
Yubara, Hiruzen-kogen Hotels
Yubara, Hiruzen-kogen Ryokan
Yubara, Hiruzen-kogen Villa
Yubara, Hiruzen-kogen Public inn
Yubara, Hiruzen-kogen Pension etc
Tsuyama, Okutsu
Tsuyama, Okutsu Accommodation
Tsuyama, Okutsu Hotels
Tsuyama, Okutsu Ryokan
Tsuyama, Okutsu Villa
Tsuyama, Okutsu Public inn
Tsuyama, Okutsu Pension etc
Mimasaka, Yunogo
Mimasaka, Yunogo Accommodation
Mimasaka, Yunogo Hotels
Mimasaka, Yunogo Ryokan
Mimasaka, Yunogo Villa
Mimasaka, Yunogo Public inn
Mimasaka, Yunogo Pension etc
Takahashi, Kawakami, Nariwa
Takahashi, Kawakami, Nariwa Accommodation
Takahashi, Kawakami, Nariwa Hotels
Takahashi, Kawakami, Nariwa Ryokan
Takahashi, Kawakami, Nariwa Villa
Takahashi, Kawakami, Nariwa Public inn
Takahashi, Kawakami, Nariwa Pension etc
Niimi, Atetsu
Niimi, Atetsu Accommodation
Niimi, Atetsu Hotels
Niimi, Atetsu Ryokan
Niimi, Atetsu Villa
Niimi, Atetsu Public inn
Niimi, Atetsu Pension etc

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