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About Shimane

Shimane Prefecture facing the Japan Sea is the land of mythology and said to be a place where the gods gathered. The large Izumo Taisha Shrine, a national treasure, is located in the west. The capital city, Matsue, in the east is known as the "water city." There are many attractions such as Matsue Castle, one of Japan's three biggest lake Castles, old samurai residences, Shiomi Nawate Street where the house of novelist Yakumo Koizumi can be found, and the famous Tamatsukuri hot springs.

Shimane Travel

Shimane Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Matsue, Mihonoseki, Tamatsukuri
Matsue, Mihonoseki, Tamatsukuri Accommodation
Matsue, Mihonoseki, Tamatsukuri Hotels
Matsue, Mihonoseki, Tamatsukuri Ryokan
Matsue, Mihonoseki, Tamatsukuri Villa
Matsue, Mihonoseki, Tamatsukuri Public inn
Matsue, Mihonoseki, Tamatsukuri Pension etc
Yasugi Accommodation
Yasugi Hotels
Yasugi Ryokan
Yasugi Villa
Yasugi Public inn
Yasugi Pension etc
Okuizumo, Unnan
Okuizumo, Unnan Accommodation
Okuizumo, Unnan Hotels
Okuizumo, Unnan Ryokan
Okuizumo, Unnan Villa
Okuizumo, Unnan Public inn
Okuizumo, Unnan Pension etc
Izumo, Taisya, Yunokawa
Izumo, Taisya, Yunokawa Accommodation
Izumo, Taisya, Yunokawa Hotels
Izumo, Taisya, Yunokawa Ryokan
Izumo, Taisya, Yunokawa Villa
Izumo, Taisya, Yunokawa Public inn
Izumo, Taisya, Yunokawa Pension etc
Oda, Yunotsu
Oda, Yunotsu Accommodation
Oda, Yunotsu Hotels
Oda, Yunotsu Ryokan
Oda, Yunotsu Villa
Oda, Yunotsu Public inn
Oda, Yunotsu Pension etc
Hamada, Gotsu, Arifuku
Hamada, Gotsu, Arifuku Accommodation
Hamada, Gotsu, Arifuku Hotels
Hamada, Gotsu, Arifuku Ryokan
Hamada, Gotsu, Arifuku Villa
Hamada, Gotsu, Arifuku Public inn
Hamada, Gotsu, Arifuku Pension etc
Tsuwano, Masuda
Tsuwano, Masuda Accommodation
Tsuwano, Masuda Hotels
Tsuwano, Masuda Ryokan
Tsuwano, Masuda Villa
Tsuwano, Masuda Public inn
Tsuwano, Masuda Pension etc
Dozen Accommodation
Dozen Hotels
Dozen Ryokan
Dozen Villa
Dozen Public inn
Dozen Pension etc
Dogo Accommodation
Dogo Hotels
Dogo Ryokan
Dogo Villa
Dogo Public inn
Dogo Pension etc

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