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About Wakayama

Wakayama Prefecture has thriving forestry and fruit production industries and is called the "the land of trees." It is also known for its traditional craft Kishu lacquerware. Nachi Falls, a world heritage site, is one of Japan's three most famous waterfalls. Visitors to Wakayama Castle in the capital city of Wakayama can enjoy the historic sites in the castle town of the former Kishū Domain. Mt. Koya, a world heritage site, is a Buddhist sanctuary and receives many tourists annually.

Wakayama Travel

Wakayama Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Wakayama City, Kada, Wakaura
Wakayama City, Kada, Wakaura Accommodation
Wakayama City, Kada, Wakaura Hotels
Wakayama City, Kada, Wakaura Ryokan
Wakayama City, Kada, Wakaura Villa
Wakayama City, Kada, Wakaura Public inn
Wakayama City, Kada, Wakaura Pension etc
Koyasan, Hashimoto
Koyasan, Hashimoto Accommodation
Koyasan, Hashimoto Hotels
Koyasan, Hashimoto Ryokan
Koyasan, Hashimoto Villa
Koyasan, Hashimoto Public inn
Koyasan, Hashimoto Pension etc
Arida Accommodation
Arida Hotels
Arida Ryokan
Arida Villa
Arida Public inn
Arida Pension etc
Gobo, Hidaka
Gobo, Hidaka Accommodation
Gobo, Hidaka Hotels
Gobo, Hidaka Ryokan
Gobo, Hidaka Villa
Gobo, Hidaka Public inn
Gobo, Hidaka Pension etc
Ryujin Accommodation
Ryujin Hotels
Ryujin Ryokan
Ryujin Villa
Ryujin Public inn
Ryujin Pension etc
Shirahama, Minabe, Tanabe
Shirahama, Minabe, Tanabe Accommodation
Shirahama, Minabe, Tanabe Hotels
Shirahama, Minabe, Tanabe Ryokan
Shirahama, Minabe, Tanabe Villa
Shirahama, Minabe, Tanabe Public inn
Shirahama, Minabe, Tanabe Pension etc
Nakahechi, Oto
Nakahechi, Oto Accommodation
Nakahechi, Oto Hotels
Nakahechi, Oto Ryokan
Nakahechi, Oto Villa
Nakahechi, Oto Public inn
Nakahechi, Oto Pension etc
Hongu Accommodation
Hongu Hotels
Hongu Ryokan
Hongu Villa
Hongu Public inn
Hongu Pension etc
Shingu Accommodation
Shingu Hotels
Shingu Ryokan
Shingu Villa
Shingu Public inn
Shingu Pension etc
Kushimoto, Susami
Kushimoto, Susami Accommodation
Kushimoto, Susami Hotels
Kushimoto, Susami Ryokan
Kushimoto, Susami Villa
Kushimoto, Susami Public inn
Kushimoto, Susami Pension etc
Nachikatsuura, Taiji
Nachikatsuura, Taiji Accommodation
Nachikatsuura, Taiji Hotels
Nachikatsuura, Taiji Ryokan
Nachikatsuura, Taiji Villa
Nachikatsuura, Taiji Public inn
Nachikatsuura, Taiji Pension etc

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