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About Kanagawa

Kanagawa Prefecture is just 1 hour from Tokyo. It is known for the Shonan resort area, Enoshima theme park, and Odawara and Manazuru fishing ports. Yokohama has many attractions such as Harbor View Park, old western-style houses, Chinatown, the Red Brick Warehouse, and the Raumen Museum. There are many old shrines and temples in the ancient city of Kamakura. On the mountain side, there are Hakone hot springs, the volcanic gases of Owakudani valley, and the seasonal flowers of Hakone Gora Park.

Kanagawa Travel

Kanagawa Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Kawasaki Accommodation
Kawasaki Hotels
Kawasaki Ryokan
Kawasaki Villa
Kawasaki Public inn
Kawasaki Pension etc
Yokohama, Bay Area
Yokohama, Bay Area Accommodation
Yokohama, Bay Area Hotels
Yokohama, Bay Area Ryokan
Yokohama, Bay Area Villa
Yokohama, Bay Area Public inn
Yokohama, Bay Area Pension etc
Totsuka, Konan
Totsuka, Konan Accommodation
Totsuka, Konan Hotels
Totsuka, Konan Ryokan
Totsuka, Konan Villa
Totsuka, Konan Public inn
Totsuka, Konan Pension etc
Shinyokohama, Aoba
Shinyokohama, Aoba Accommodation
Shinyokohama, Aoba Hotels
Shinyokohama, Aoba Ryokan
Shinyokohama, Aoba Villa
Shinyokohama, Aoba Public inn
Shinyokohama, Aoba Pension etc
Yokosuka Accommodation
Yokosuka Hotels
Yokosuka Ryokan
Yokosuka Villa
Yokosuka Public inn
Yokosuka Pension etc
Miura Accommodation
Miura Hotels
Miura Ryokan
Miura Villa
Miura Public inn
Miura Pension etc
Zushi Accommodation
Zushi Hotels
Zushi Ryokan
Zushi Villa
Zushi Public inn
Zushi Pension etc
Kamakura Accommodation
Kamakura Hotels
Kamakura Ryokan
Kamakura Villa
Kamakura Public inn
Kamakura Pension etc
Fujisawa, Chigasaki
Fujisawa, Chigasaki Accommodation
Fujisawa, Chigasaki Hotels
Fujisawa, Chigasaki Ryokan
Fujisawa, Chigasaki Villa
Fujisawa, Chigasaki Public inn
Fujisawa, Chigasaki Pension etc
Hiratsuka, Oiso
Hiratsuka, Oiso Accommodation
Hiratsuka, Oiso Hotels
Hiratsuka, Oiso Ryokan
Hiratsuka, Oiso Villa
Hiratsuka, Oiso Public inn
Hiratsuka, Oiso Pension etc
Ebina, Yamato
Ebina, Yamato Accommodation
Ebina, Yamato Hotels
Ebina, Yamato Ryokan
Ebina, Yamato Villa
Ebina, Yamato Public inn
Ebina, Yamato Pension etc
Atsugi, Isehara
Atsugi, Isehara Accommodation
Atsugi, Isehara Hotels
Atsugi, Isehara Ryokan
Atsugi, Isehara Villa
Atsugi, Isehara Public inn
Atsugi, Isehara Pension etc
Sagamihara Accommodation
Sagamihara Hotels
Sagamihara Ryokan
Sagamihara Villa
Sagamihara Public inn
Sagamihara Pension etc
Hakone Accommodation
Hakone Hotels
Hakone Ryokan
Hakone Villa
Hakone Public inn
Hakone Pension etc
Odawara Accommodation
Odawara Hotels
Odawara Ryokan
Odawara Villa
Odawara Public inn
Odawara Pension etc
Yugawara, Manazuru
Yugawara, Manazuru Accommodation
Yugawara, Manazuru Hotels
Yugawara, Manazuru Ryokan
Yugawara, Manazuru Villa
Yugawara, Manazuru Public inn
Yugawara, Manazuru Pension etc
Hatano Accommodation
Hatano Hotels
Hatano Ryokan
Hatano Villa
Hatano Public inn
Hatano Pension etc
MinamiAshigara, Kamigori
MinamiAshigara, Kamigori Accommodation
MinamiAshigara, Kamigori Hotels
MinamiAshigara, Kamigori Ryokan
MinamiAshigara, Kamigori Villa
MinamiAshigara, Kamigori Public inn
MinamiAshigara, Kamigori Pension etc
Tanzawa Accommodation
Tanzawa Hotels
Tanzawa Ryokan
Tanzawa Villa
Tanzawa Public inn
Tanzawa Pension etc

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