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About Saitama

Saitama Prefecture next to Tokyo is known for its natural beauty and its historic spots intermixed by untouched wilderness. There are the riverside districts and plum trees of Koshigaya and Ogose, the 34 temples of Chichibu, and Kawagoe which feels like the Edo period with its townscape lined with storehouse style houses and Kashiyayokocho street. In contrast, Saitama New Urban Center Station, Saitama Super Arena, and the Cocoon Shintoshin Complex are part of the new face of Saitama City.

Saitama Travel

Saitama Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Kawagoe, Tokorozawa
Kawagoe, Tokorozawa Accommodation
Kawagoe, Tokorozawa Hotels
Kawagoe, Tokorozawa Ryokan
Kawagoe, Tokorozawa Villa
Kawagoe, Tokorozawa Public inn
Kawagoe, Tokorozawa Pension etc
Saitama Accommodation
Saitama Hotels
Saitama Ryokan
Saitama Villa
Saitama Public inn
Saitama Pension etc
Ageo Accommodation
Ageo Hotels
Ageo Ryokan
Ageo Villa
Ageo Public inn
Ageo Pension etc
Kawaguchi, Toda
Kawaguchi, Toda Accommodation
Kawaguchi, Toda Hotels
Kawaguchi, Toda Ryokan
Kawaguchi, Toda Villa
Kawaguchi, Toda Public inn
Kawaguchi, Toda Pension etc
Chichibu Accommodation
Chichibu Hotels
Chichibu Ryokan
Chichibu Villa
Chichibu Public inn
Chichibu Pension etc
Nagatoro Accommodation
Nagatoro Hotels
Nagatoro Ryokan
Nagatoro Villa
Nagatoro Public inn
Nagatoro Pension etc
Hanno Accommodation
Hanno Hotels
Hanno Ryokan
Hanno Villa
Hanno Public inn
Hanno Pension etc
HigashiMatsuyama, Shinrinkoen, Ogawamachi
HigashiMatsuyama, Shinrinkoen, Ogawamachi Accommodation
HigashiMatsuyama, Shinrinkoen, Ogawamachi Hotels
HigashiMatsuyama, Shinrinkoen, Ogawamachi Ryokan
HigashiMatsuyama, Shinrinkoen, Ogawamachi Villa
HigashiMatsuyama, Shinrinkoen, Ogawamachi Public inn
HigashiMatsuyama, Shinrinkoen, Ogawamachi Pension etc
Kuki Accommodation
Kuki Hotels
Kuki Ryokan
Kuki Villa
Kuki Public inn
Kuki Pension etc
Gyoda Accommodation
Gyoda Hotels
Gyoda Ryokan
Gyoda Villa
Gyoda Public inn
Gyoda Pension etc
Honjo Accommodation
Honjo Hotels
Honjo Ryokan
Honjo Villa
Honjo Public inn
Honjo Pension etc
Kumagaya, Fukaya
Kumagaya, Fukaya Accommodation
Kumagaya, Fukaya Hotels
Kumagaya, Fukaya Ryokan
Kumagaya, Fukaya Villa
Kumagaya, Fukaya Public inn
Kumagaya, Fukaya Pension etc
Soka Accommodation
Soka Hotels
Soka Ryokan
Soka Villa
Soka Public inn
Soka Pension etc
Koshigaya Accommodation
Koshigaya Hotels
Koshigaya Ryokan
Koshigaya Villa
Koshigaya Public inn
Koshigaya Pension etc

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