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About Kumamoto

Kumamoto Prefecture is known for its agricultural products such as tomatoes, rush grass, Dekopon, farm-raised pearls and tiger prawn. It is the location of Tensui Town, the setting for "Grass Pillow" a novel by Natsume Soseki, and Yamaga City, famous for the Yamaga Lantern Festival. There are many hot springs such as the renowned Kurokawa hot springs at the base of Mt. Aso. 3500 carp streamers are displayed at the Koinobori Festival in Oguni Town, also known for Tsuetate hot springs.

Kumamoto Travel

Kumamoto Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Kumamoto Accommodation
Kumamoto Hotels
Kumamoto Ryokan
Kumamoto Villa
Kumamoto Public inn
Kumamoto Pension etc
Uto, Mashiki
Uto, Mashiki Accommodation
Uto, Mashiki Hotels
Uto, Mashiki Ryokan
Uto, Mashiki Villa
Uto, Mashiki Public inn
Uto, Mashiki Pension etc
Yamaga, Hirayama, Ueki
Yamaga, Hirayama, Ueki Accommodation
Yamaga, Hirayama, Ueki Hotels
Yamaga, Hirayama, Ueki Ryokan
Yamaga, Hirayama, Ueki Villa
Yamaga, Hirayama, Ueki Public inn
Yamaga, Hirayama, Ueki Pension etc
Arao, Tamana
Arao, Tamana Accommodation
Arao, Tamana Hotels
Arao, Tamana Ryokan
Arao, Tamana Villa
Arao, Tamana Public inn
Arao, Tamana Pension etc
Kikuchi Accommodation
Kikuchi Hotels
Kikuchi Ryokan
Kikuchi Villa
Kikuchi Public inn
Kikuchi Pension etc
Tsuedate, Waita
Tsuedate, Waita Accommodation
Tsuedate, Waita Hotels
Tsuedate, Waita Ryokan
Tsuedate, Waita Villa
Tsuedate, Waita Public inn
Tsuedate, Waita Pension etc
Kurokawa, Oda, Tanohara, Manganji
Kurokawa, Oda, Tanohara, Manganji Accommodation
Kurokawa, Oda, Tanohara, Manganji Hotels
Kurokawa, Oda, Tanohara, Manganji Ryokan
Kurokawa, Oda, Tanohara, Manganji Villa
Kurokawa, Oda, Tanohara, Manganji Public inn
Kurokawa, Oda, Tanohara, Manganji Pension etc
MinamiAso Accommodation
MinamiAso Hotels
MinamiAso Ryokan
MinamiAso Villa
MinamiAso Public inn
MinamiAso Pension etc
Aso, Uchinomaki
Aso, Uchinomaki Accommodation
Aso, Uchinomaki Hotels
Aso, Uchinomaki Ryokan
Aso, Uchinomaki Villa
Aso, Uchinomaki Public inn
Aso, Uchinomaki Pension etc
Yashiro, Minamata, Yunoko
Yashiro, Minamata, Yunoko Accommodation
Yashiro, Minamata, Yunoko Hotels
Yashiro, Minamata, Yunoko Ryokan
Yashiro, Minamata, Yunoko Villa
Yashiro, Minamata, Yunoko Public inn
Yashiro, Minamata, Yunoko Pension etc
Hitoyoshi, Kuma
Hitoyoshi, Kuma Accommodation
Hitoyoshi, Kuma Hotels
Hitoyoshi, Kuma Ryokan
Hitoyoshi, Kuma Villa
Hitoyoshi, Kuma Public inn
Hitoyoshi, Kuma Pension etc
Amakusakamishima, Matsushima
Amakusakamishima, Matsushima Accommodation
Amakusakamishima, Matsushima Hotels
Amakusakamishima, Matsushima Ryokan
Amakusakamishima, Matsushima Villa
Amakusakamishima, Matsushima Public inn
Amakusakamishima, Matsushima Pension etc
Amakusashimoshima, Shimoda
Amakusashimoshima, Shimoda Accommodation
Amakusashimoshima, Shimoda Hotels
Amakusashimoshima, Shimoda Ryokan
Amakusashimoshima, Shimoda Villa
Amakusashimoshima, Shimoda Public inn
Amakusashimoshima, Shimoda Pension etc

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