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About Oita

Oita Prefecture in Kyushu has spectacular views of Kuju mountain range and Bungo Channel. It is an area with a rich historical flavor where western and Buddhist cultures intermixed. It has the greatest number of hot springs in Japan and is famous for its Bungo beef. Yufuin district, surrounded by mountains, has an abundant supply of hot spring water and a rich blend of culture and art. It is a healing spot where visitors can relax while taking in the surrounding natural beauty along with Beppu.

Oita Travel

Oita Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Oita Accommodation
Oita Hotels
Oita Ryokan
Oita Villa
Oita Public inn
Oita Pension etc
Usuki, Saeki
Usuki, Saeki Accommodation
Usuki, Saeki Hotels
Usuki, Saeki Ryokan
Usuki, Saeki Villa
Usuki, Saeki Public inn
Usuki, Saeki Pension etc
Ono Accommodation
Ono Hotels
Ono Ryokan
Ono Villa
Ono Public inn
Ono Pension etc
Beppu Accommodation
Beppu Hotels
Beppu Ryokan
Beppu Villa
Beppu Public inn
Beppu Pension etc
Yufuin, Yunohira
Yufuin, Yunohira Accommodation
Yufuin, Yunohira Hotels
Yufuin, Yunohira Ryokan
Yufuin, Yunohira Villa
Yufuin, Yunohira Public inn
Yufuin, Yunohira Pension etc
Nakatsu, Yabakei, Usa
Nakatsu, Yabakei, Usa Accommodation
Nakatsu, Yabakei, Usa Hotels
Nakatsu, Yabakei, Usa Ryokan
Nakatsu, Yabakei, Usa Villa
Nakatsu, Yabakei, Usa Public inn
Nakatsu, Yabakei, Usa Pension etc
Kunisaki, Kitsuki
Kunisaki, Kitsuki Accommodation
Kunisaki, Kitsuki Hotels
Kunisaki, Kitsuki Ryokan
Kunisaki, Kitsuki Villa
Kunisaki, Kitsuki Public inn
Kunisaki, Kitsuki Pension etc
Hita, Amagase
Hita, Amagase Accommodation
Hita, Amagase Hotels
Hita, Amagase Ryokan
Hita, Amagase Villa
Hita, Amagase Public inn
Hita, Amagase Pension etc
Kokonoe Accommodation
Kokonoe Hotels
Kokonoe Ryokan
Kokonoe Villa
Kokonoe Public inn
Kokonoe Pension etc
Kuju, Nagayu, Taketa
Kuju, Nagayu, Taketa Accommodation
Kuju, Nagayu, Taketa Hotels
Kuju, Nagayu, Taketa Ryokan
Kuju, Nagayu, Taketa Villa
Kuju, Nagayu, Taketa Public inn
Kuju, Nagayu, Taketa Pension etc

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