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About Nagasaki

Nagasaki Prefecture is situated on the west side of Kyushu and is surrounded by the sea. It is shaped like a dragon's claw and includes the islands of Tsushima, Iki and Gotoretto. It is famous for its marine sports and Nagasaki castella-sponge cake. The capital city, Nagasaki, is a port town with European influence and has many catholic churches. Glover Garden is also a must-see. Huis Ten Bosch, an extended-stay resort with canal, flowers, and greenery, has reproduced the townscape of Holland.

Nagasaki Travel

Nagasaki Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Nagasaki Accommodation
Nagasaki Hotels
Nagasaki Ryokan
Nagasaki Villa
Nagasaki Public inn
Nagasaki Pension etc
Isahaya, Omura
Isahaya, Omura Accommodation
Isahaya, Omura Hotels
Isahaya, Omura Ryokan
Isahaya, Omura Villa
Isahaya, Omura Public inn
Isahaya, Omura Pension etc
Hirado Accommodation
Hirado Hotels
Hirado Ryokan
Hirado Villa
Hirado Public inn
Hirado Pension etc
Matsuura, Tabira
Matsuura, Tabira Accommodation
Matsuura, Tabira Hotels
Matsuura, Tabira Ryokan
Matsuura, Tabira Villa
Matsuura, Tabira Public inn
Matsuura, Tabira Pension etc
Sasebo Accommodation
Sasebo Hotels
Sasebo Ryokan
Sasebo Villa
Sasebo Public inn
Sasebo Pension etc
Huis Ten Bosch
Huis Ten Bosch Accommodation
Huis Ten Bosch Hotels
Huis Ten Bosch Ryokan
Huis Ten Bosch Villa
Huis Ten Bosch Public inn
Huis Ten Bosch Pension etc
Nishiumi, Oshima
Nishiumi, Oshima Accommodation
Nishiumi, Oshima Hotels
Nishiumi, Oshima Ryokan
Nishiumi, Oshima Villa
Nishiumi, Oshima Public inn
Nishiumi, Oshima Pension etc
Shimabara Accommodation
Shimabara Hotels
Shimabara Ryokan
Shimabara Villa
Shimabara Public inn
Shimabara Pension etc
Unzen, Obama
Unzen, Obama Accommodation
Unzen, Obama Hotels
Unzen, Obama Ryokan
Unzen, Obama Villa
Unzen, Obama Public inn
Unzen, Obama Pension etc
Kamigoto Accommodation
Kamigoto Hotels
Kamigoto Ryokan
Kamigoto Villa
Kamigoto Public inn
Kamigoto Pension etc
Shimogoto Accommodation
Shimogoto Hotels
Shimogoto Ryokan
Shimogoto Villa
Shimogoto Public inn
Shimogoto Pension etc
Iki Accommodation
Iki Hotels
Iki Ryokan
Iki Villa
Iki Public inn
Iki Pension etc
Tsushima Accommodation
Tsushima Hotels
Tsushima Ryokan
Tsushima Villa
Tsushima Public inn
Tsushima Pension etc

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