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About Miyagi

Miyagi Prefecture is the production area of the famous rice brand Sasanishiki. It has a thriving fishing industry with 142 fishing ports including Kesennuma and is also the production area of the super-deluxe Sendai beef brand. The capital city, Sendai, is called the "city of trees" for its abundant greenery. It is famous for Sakunami and Akiu hot springs which have long histories since the Edo period. Matsushima, extolled by the haiku poet Basho Matsuo, is one of Japan's three famous sights.

Miyagi Travel

Miyagi Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Sendai Accommodation
Sendai Hotels
Sendai Ryokan
Sendai Villa
Sendai Public inn
Sendai Pension etc
Akiu, Sakunami
Akiu, Sakunami Accommodation
Akiu, Sakunami Hotels
Akiu, Sakunami Ryokan
Akiu, Sakunami Villa
Akiu, Sakunami Public inn
Akiu, Sakunami Pension etc
Natori, Iwanuma
Natori, Iwanuma Accommodation
Natori, Iwanuma Hotels
Natori, Iwanuma Ryokan
Natori, Iwanuma Villa
Natori, Iwanuma Public inn
Natori, Iwanuma Pension etc
Matsushima, Shiogama
Matsushima, Shiogama Accommodation
Matsushima, Shiogama Hotels
Matsushima, Shiogama Ryokan
Matsushima, Shiogama Villa
Matsushima, Shiogama Public inn
Matsushima, Shiogama Pension etc
Kurokawa Accommodation
Kurokawa Hotels
Kurokawa Ryokan
Kurokawa Villa
Kurokawa Public inn
Kurokawa Pension etc
Kesennuma, Motoyoshi
Kesennuma, Motoyoshi Accommodation
Kesennuma, Motoyoshi Hotels
Kesennuma, Motoyoshi Ryokan
Kesennuma, Motoyoshi Villa
Kesennuma, Motoyoshi Public inn
Kesennuma, Motoyoshi Pension etc
Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Oshika
Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Oshika Accommodation
Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Oshika Hotels
Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Oshika Ryokan
Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Oshika Villa
Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Oshika Public inn
Ishinomaki, Onagawa, Oshika Pension etc
Naruko, Osaki
Naruko, Osaki Accommodation
Naruko, Osaki Hotels
Naruko, Osaki Ryokan
Naruko, Osaki Villa
Naruko, Osaki Public inn
Naruko, Osaki Pension etc
Kurihara, Tome
Kurihara, Tome Accommodation
Kurihara, Tome Hotels
Kurihara, Tome Ryokan
Kurihara, Tome Villa
Kurihara, Tome Public inn
Kurihara, Tome Pension etc
Shiroishi, Zao, Togatta
Shiroishi, Zao, Togatta Accommodation
Shiroishi, Zao, Togatta Hotels
Shiroishi, Zao, Togatta Ryokan
Shiroishi, Zao, Togatta Villa
Shiroishi, Zao, Togatta Public inn
Shiroishi, Zao, Togatta Pension etc
Kakuda Accommodation
Kakuda Hotels
Kakuda Ryokan
Kakuda Villa
Kakuda Public inn
Kakuda Pension etc

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