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About Yamagata

Yamagata Prefecture is surrounded by Zao mountain range and the three mountains of Dewa Sanzan where mountain ascetics gathered. Many hot springs are dotted about the foot of these mountains. Visitors come for trekking and tranquil scenery in the summer and for the Zao Juhyo festival and skiing in the winter. The capital city, Yamagata, is famous for its old-world townscape lined with daimyo city storehouses and western-style houses. Local dishes include simple stewed potato and konnyaku balls.

Yamagata Travel

Yamagata Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Yamagata Accommodation
Yamagata Hotels
Yamagata Ryokan
Yamagata Villa
Yamagata Public inn
Yamagata Pension etc
Zao Accommodation
Zao Hotels
Zao Ryokan
Zao Villa
Zao Public inn
Zao Pension etc
Tendo Accommodation
Tendo Hotels
Tendo Ryokan
Tendo Villa
Tendo Public inn
Tendo Pension etc
Kaminoyama Accommodation
Kaminoyama Hotels
Kaminoyama Ryokan
Kaminoyama Villa
Kaminoyama Public inn
Kaminoyama Pension etc
Obanazawa, Ginzan
Obanazawa, Ginzan Accommodation
Obanazawa, Ginzan Hotels
Obanazawa, Ginzan Ryokan
Obanazawa, Ginzan Villa
Obanazawa, Ginzan Public inn
Obanazawa, Ginzan Pension etc
Shinjo, Mogami, Hijiori
Shinjo, Mogami, Hijiori Accommodation
Shinjo, Mogami, Hijiori Hotels
Shinjo, Mogami, Hijiori Ryokan
Shinjo, Mogami, Hijiori Villa
Shinjo, Mogami, Hijiori Public inn
Shinjo, Mogami, Hijiori Pension etc
Higashine, Murayama
Higashine, Murayama Accommodation
Higashine, Murayama Hotels
Higashine, Murayama Ryokan
Higashine, Murayama Villa
Higashine, Murayama Public inn
Higashine, Murayama Pension etc
Sagae Accommodation
Sagae Hotels
Sagae Ryokan
Sagae Villa
Sagae Public inn
Sagae Pension etc
Gassan, Asahi
Gassan, Asahi Accommodation
Gassan, Asahi Hotels
Gassan, Asahi Ryokan
Gassan, Asahi Villa
Gassan, Asahi Public inn
Gassan, Asahi Pension etc
Yonezawa Accommodation
Yonezawa Hotels
Yonezawa Ryokan
Yonezawa Villa
Yonezawa Public inn
Yonezawa Pension etc
Nanyo, Akayu, Takahata
Nanyo, Akayu, Takahata Accommodation
Nanyo, Akayu, Takahata Hotels
Nanyo, Akayu, Takahata Ryokan
Nanyo, Akayu, Takahata Villa
Nanyo, Akayu, Takahata Public inn
Nanyo, Akayu, Takahata Pension etc
Nagai, Okitama
Nagai, Okitama Accommodation
Nagai, Okitama Hotels
Nagai, Okitama Ryokan
Nagai, Okitama Villa
Nagai, Okitama Public inn
Nagai, Okitama Pension etc
Sakata, Yuza
Sakata, Yuza Accommodation
Sakata, Yuza Hotels
Sakata, Yuza Ryokan
Sakata, Yuza Villa
Sakata, Yuza Public inn
Sakata, Yuza Pension etc
Tsuruoka, Yunohama, Atsumi
Tsuruoka, Yunohama, Atsumi Accommodation
Tsuruoka, Yunohama, Atsumi Hotels
Tsuruoka, Yunohama, Atsumi Ryokan
Tsuruoka, Yunohama, Atsumi Villa
Tsuruoka, Yunohama, Atsumi Public inn
Tsuruoka, Yunohama, Atsumi Pension etc

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