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About Fukushima

Fukushima Prefecture is known for its history, mountains and seas. Popular attractions are walking through the Oze wetland, marine recreation in the Iwaki area, and the Tajima Gion Festival. The capital city, Fukushima, is called the "fruit kingdom" for its abundant peaches and cherries and is famous for Mt. Shinobuyama, Iizaka hot springs, and Fukushima Race Course. The Aizu region prospered as a castle town of Tsurugajo Castle known for the Byakkotai samurai. Kitakata ramen is very popular.

Fukushima Travel

Fukushima Travel: Accommodation Types by Cities and Towns

Fukushima, Iizaka, Tsuchiyu, Takayu
Fukushima, Iizaka, Tsuchiyu, Takayu Accommodation
Fukushima, Iizaka, Tsuchiyu, Takayu Hotels
Fukushima, Iizaka, Tsuchiyu, Takayu Ryokan
Fukushima, Iizaka, Tsuchiyu, Takayu Villa
Fukushima, Iizaka, Tsuchiyu, Takayu Public inn
Fukushima, Iizaka, Tsuchiyu, Takayu Pension etc
Nihonmatsu, Dake, Otama
Nihonmatsu, Dake, Otama Accommodation
Nihonmatsu, Dake, Otama Hotels
Nihonmatsu, Dake, Otama Ryokan
Nihonmatsu, Dake, Otama Villa
Nihonmatsu, Dake, Otama Public inn
Nihonmatsu, Dake, Otama Pension etc
Soma Accommodation
Soma Hotels
Soma Ryokan
Soma Villa
Soma Public inn
Soma Pension etc
MinamiSoma, Haramachi
MinamiSoma, Haramachi Accommodation
MinamiSoma, Haramachi Hotels
MinamiSoma, Haramachi Ryokan
MinamiSoma, Haramachi Villa
MinamiSoma, Haramachi Public inn
MinamiSoma, Haramachi Pension etc
Urabandai, Goshikinuma, Bandai-Kogen
Urabandai, Goshikinuma, Bandai-Kogen Accommodation
Urabandai, Goshikinuma, Bandai-Kogen Hotels
Urabandai, Goshikinuma, Bandai-Kogen Ryokan
Urabandai, Goshikinuma, Bandai-Kogen Villa
Urabandai, Goshikinuma, Bandai-Kogen Public inn
Urabandai, Goshikinuma, Bandai-Kogen Pension etc
Inawashiro, Omotebandai
Inawashiro, Omotebandai Accommodation
Inawashiro, Omotebandai Hotels
Inawashiro, Omotebandai Ryokan
Inawashiro, Omotebandai Villa
Inawashiro, Omotebandai Public inn
Inawashiro, Omotebandai Pension etc
Inawashiro (Aizu)
Inawashiro (Aizu) Accommodation
Inawashiro (Aizu) Hotels
Inawashiro (Aizu) Ryokan
Inawashiro (Aizu) Villa
Inawashiro (Aizu) Public inn
Inawashiro (Aizu) Pension etc
Kitakata, Atsushio, Yamato
Kitakata, Atsushio, Yamato Accommodation
Kitakata, Atsushio, Yamato Hotels
Kitakata, Atsushio, Yamato Ryokan
Kitakata, Atsushio, Yamato Villa
Kitakata, Atsushio, Yamato Public inn
Kitakata, Atsushio, Yamato Pension etc
Yanaizu, NishiAizu
Yanaizu, NishiAizu Accommodation
Yanaizu, NishiAizu Hotels
Yanaizu, NishiAizu Ryokan
Yanaizu, NishiAizu Villa
Yanaizu, NishiAizu Public inn
Yanaizu, NishiAizu Pension etc
Aizuwakamatsu, Higashiyama, Ashinomaki
Aizuwakamatsu, Higashiyama, Ashinomaki Accommodation
Aizuwakamatsu, Higashiyama, Ashinomaki Hotels
Aizuwakamatsu, Higashiyama, Ashinomaki Ryokan
Aizuwakamatsu, Higashiyama, Ashinomaki Villa
Aizuwakamatsu, Higashiyama, Ashinomaki Public inn
Aizuwakamatsu, Higashiyama, Ashinomaki Pension etc
Aizu-Kogen, Yunokami, MinamiAizu
Aizu-Kogen, Yunokami, MinamiAizu Accommodation
Aizu-Kogen, Yunokami, MinamiAizu Hotels
Aizu-Kogen, Yunokami, MinamiAizu Ryokan
Aizu-Kogen, Yunokami, MinamiAizu Villa
Aizu-Kogen, Yunokami, MinamiAizu Public inn
Aizu-Kogen, Yunokami, MinamiAizu Pension etc
Hinoemata, Oze, Okuaizu
Hinoemata, Oze, Okuaizu Accommodation
Hinoemata, Oze, Okuaizu Hotels
Hinoemata, Oze, Okuaizu Ryokan
Hinoemata, Oze, Okuaizu Villa
Hinoemata, Oze, Okuaizu Public inn
Hinoemata, Oze, Okuaizu Pension etc
Koriyama, Bandaiatami, Sukagawa
Koriyama, Bandaiatami, Sukagawa Accommodation
Koriyama, Bandaiatami, Sukagawa Hotels
Koriyama, Bandaiatami, Sukagawa Ryokan
Koriyama, Bandaiatami, Sukagawa Villa
Koriyama, Bandaiatami, Sukagawa Public inn
Koriyama, Bandaiatami, Sukagawa Pension etc
Tamura, Miharu
Tamura, Miharu Accommodation
Tamura, Miharu Hotels
Tamura, Miharu Ryokan
Tamura, Miharu Villa
Tamura, Miharu Public inn
Tamura, Miharu Pension etc
Shirakawa, Hatoriko
Shirakawa, Hatoriko Accommodation
Shirakawa, Hatoriko Hotels
Shirakawa, Hatoriko Ryokan
Shirakawa, Hatoriko Villa
Shirakawa, Hatoriko Public inn
Shirakawa, Hatoriko Pension etc
Tanagura, HigashiShirakawa
Tanagura, HigashiShirakawa Accommodation
Tanagura, HigashiShirakawa Hotels
Tanagura, HigashiShirakawa Ryokan
Tanagura, HigashiShirakawa Villa
Tanagura, HigashiShirakawa Public inn
Tanagura, HigashiShirakawa Pension etc
Futaba Accommodation
Futaba Hotels
Futaba Ryokan
Futaba Villa
Futaba Public inn
Futaba Pension etc
Iwaki, Taira
Iwaki, Taira Accommodation
Iwaki, Taira Hotels
Iwaki, Taira Ryokan
Iwaki, Taira Villa
Iwaki, Taira Public inn
Iwaki, Taira Pension etc
Iwaki, Yumoto
Iwaki, Yumoto Accommodation
Iwaki, Yumoto Hotels
Iwaki, Yumoto Ryokan
Iwaki, Yumoto Villa
Iwaki, Yumoto Public inn
Iwaki, Yumoto Pension etc
Iwaki, Onahama
Iwaki, Onahama Accommodation
Iwaki, Onahama Hotels
Iwaki, Onahama Ryokan
Iwaki, Onahama Villa
Iwaki, Onahama Public inn
Iwaki, Onahama Pension etc

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