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Kumomi, 385-1, Matsuzaki-cho, Kamo-gun

Hotel ID : 319383


Mt.Fuji view, you can get to a beach in 10 seconds, Enjoy hot spring, The private home providing lodging for travelers

This Minshuku (private home type hotel) was established 50 years ago.
We hope you like our hospitality.
A homey atmosphere where you can feel at ease.
You can eat a lot of fresh fish, enjoy hot spring, see Mt.Fuji here.
We are looking forword to see you soon!


We are sorry, but there is no option available under the specified conditions. or the accommodation currently does not accept reservations via Please reset your conditions or try another accommodation.

How to Access

FROM Tokaido Line Tokyo Station

By limited express train to Izu Kyuko Line Izukyushimoda Station (150minutes)
from Izu Kyuko Line Izukyushimoda Station to Matsuzaki bus terminal by public bus (50minutes)
from Matsuzaki bus terminal by public bus (20minutes)

Hotel Details

Parking free parking
Pickup Service


Credit Cards Credit card settlement is not available in local.

Types and numbers of the rooms

Western-style room0 room(s)
Japanese-style room13 room(s)
Japanese-Western mixed type0 room(s)
Others0 room(s)
Total number of the rooms13 room(s)

Room equipments All rooms with heating and cooling・TV

Hot Springs and Baths

Hot spring Kumomi onsen
Outdoor hot spring Yes (and also men and women (including the time change), not charter)
Outdoor Indoor Sauna
Male Female Mixed Male Female Mixed Male Female Mixed
1 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 0

Amenities / Accommodations / Services

Hand towel Bath towel ×Soap Body soap
Shampoo (including two-in-one shampoo) Rinse Shower cap ×Hair brush
×Hair drier Cotton swab Toothbrush and toothpaste ×Shaver
×Flush toilet ×Bathrobe Yukata ×Pajamas
Feather comforter
Hotel Facilities Table tennis (charged)・Irori (traditional Japanese fireplace)・Party room・Karaoke facility (charged)・Lounge・No-smoking room
Service and leisure activities (including arrangements) Massage (charged)・Shogi (Japanese chess)・Game of go・Gym (charged)・Ground (charged)・Tennis (charged)・Fishing (charged)・Diving (charged)・You can take your pets with you. (charged)(You can use your own cage.)
notes All toilets here have  set with bidet functions.
There is a hair dryer in the special room. And there are some in the public bath in 4th floor.
You can use a bath towel,Yukata(Japanese style pajama) in your room.
You CAN'T bring something to drink here.