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Hotel Tokinoza

3043-4 Higashi nagashima, Kiinagashima-ku, Kihoku-cho, Kitamuro-gun

Hotel ID : 322634


1 minute walk from the ocean. Enjoy our specialty semi-course kaiseki cuisine using local natural seafood.

An onsen ryokan convenient for walking around Ise Jingu and the world heritage Kumano Kodo. Buffet style Himono (dried fishes) breakfast and fresh seafood cuisine using local ingredients of Kiinagashima are highly recommended. Also enjoyable are the bathing beach in front of the hotel, a swimming pool with water slider, and cottages; especially suitable for families to enjoy summer holiday.


Please be aware that the prices displayed in each currency (excluding Japanese yen) is a price for your reference.

This charge is the complete sum total. (Tax excluded, service charge included)

Japanese-Western style room

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      Reservation possible without a credit card

    • JPY 39,000

      (USD 362)

    • We have 1 room left!


Japanese-style room

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      Reservation possible without a credit card

    • JPY 43,000

      (USD 400)

    • We have 3 room left!


How to Access

FROM Kisei Line Kiinagashima Station

By pickup bus (15minutes)

Hotel Details

Parking free parking
Pickup Service

not paid service

transfers 3 times a day

Credit Cards VISA MasterCard DinersClubINTERNATIONAL JCB American Express
In the online credit settlement, you might not be able to use some cards, depending on the card types.

Types and numbers of the rooms

Western-style room9 room(s)
Japanese-style room12 room(s)
Japanese-Western mixed type24 room(s)
Others0 room(s)
Total number of the rooms45 room(s)

Western-style room detail

Single 0 room(s) | -
Double 0 room(s) | -
Twin 0 room(s) | -
Suite 5 room(s) | -
Room equipments All rooms with heating and cooling・TV・Refrigerator (incl. charged drinks)

Hot Springs and Baths

Hot spring Kihokusennen onsen
Outdoor hot spring Yes (and also men and women (including the time change), not charter)
Outdoor Indoor Sauna
Male Female Mixed Male Female Mixed Male Female Mixed
3 3 0 1 1 0 0 0 0

Amenities / Accommodations / Services

Hand towel Bath towel Soap Body soap
Shampoo (including two-in-one shampoo) Rinse Shower cap ×Hair brush
Hair drier Cotton swab Toothbrush and toothpaste Shaver
Flush toilet ×Bathrobe Yukata ×Pajamas
×Feather comforter
Hotel Facilities Gym (charged)・Ground・Tennis (charged)・Out-door pool (charged)・Table tennis (charged)・Bar (charged)・Party room・Karaoke facility (charged)・Barbecue (charged)・Lounge・No-smoking room
Service and leisure activities (including arrangements) Massage (charged)・Rental bicycle (charged)・Shogi (Japanese chess)・Game of go・Mah-jong (charged)・Gym (charged)・Ground (charged)・Tennis (charged)・Fishing (charged)・Canoe (charged)・You can take your pets with you. (charged)(Cages available/You can use your own cage.)
notes Gymnasium, tennis courts, pool, bathing beach, camp site, karaoke room, bar, wedding hall, and meeting rooms.