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Awaraonsen seiryukaku

1-102, Nishionsen, Awara-shi

Hotel ID : 329598


More rooms renovated in 2009! A popular inn in Awara, with a huge bathtub that holds 100 people.

New Japanese rooms opened after renovation. Seafood from Japan Sea is served in your room. Outdoor bath, reserved bath, family bath, reserved stone sauna, ping-pong table and karaoke room available. In a very popular new guest rooms with outdoor bath, you can enjoy karaoke and ping-pong!


Please be aware that the prices displayed in each currency (excluding Japanese yen) is a price for your reference.

This charge is the complete sum total. (Tax excluded, service charge included)

Japanese-style room

    • i

      ▶Deadline for reservation Until 21:30 of the day of the check-in

      ▶Payment methods Online credit card payment/payment on site

    • JPY 11,000

      (USD 104)

    • Few rooms left


    • i

      ▶Deadline for reservation Until 21:30 of the day of the check-in

      ▶Payment methods Online credit card payment/payment on site

    • JPY 14,000

      (USD 133)

    • Few rooms left


    • i

      ▶Deadline for reservation Until 19:00 of the day of the check-in

      ▶Payment methods Online credit card payment/payment on site

    • JPY 22,000

      (USD 209)

    • Few rooms left


How to Access

FROM Hokuriku Line Awaraonsen Station

By public bus to Mikuni Awara Line Awarayunomachi Station (15minutes)
from Mikuni Awara Line Awarayunomachi Station by walk (8minutes)

Hotel Details

Parking free parking
Pickup Service

not paid service /doesn't need reservation

Could you call me when you arrive Awara-Yunomachi Station of Echizen railway.

Credit Cards VISA MasterCard DinersClubINTERNATIONAL JCB American Express
UC・DC・UFJ・SAISON・China Union Pay card・DBTCRD
In the online credit settlement, you might not be able to use some cards, depending on the card types.

Types and numbers of the rooms

Western-style room0 room(s)
Japanese-style room38 room(s)
Japanese-Western mixed type0 room(s)
Others0 room(s)
Total number of the rooms38 room(s)

Room equipments All rooms with heating and cooling・TV・VCR or DVD (charged)・Satellite broadcasting・Refrigerator (incl. charged drinks)
Internet accessibility of the room LAN connection(All rooms) ,Connection method  Wired LAN/Wireless LAN ,PC is lent and none. ,The Internet connection is free.
[notes]Free Internetonnection survice. (easy and safe wired Internet service). LAN cable lent for free. Please bring your own PC.

Hot Springs and Baths

Hot spring Awara onsen
Outdoor hot spring Yes (and also men and women (including the time change), not charter)
Outdoor Indoor Sauna
Male Female Mixed Male Female Mixed Male Female Mixed
1 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 0

Amenities / Accommodations / Services

Hand towel Bath towel Soap Body soap
Shampoo (including two-in-one shampoo) Rinse ×Shower cap Hair brush
Hair drier Cotton swab Toothbrush and toothpaste Shaver
Flush toilet ×Bathrobe Yukata ×Pajamas
×Feather comforter
Hotel Facilities Table tennis (charged)・Bar (charged)・Party room・Amusement arcade (charged)・Karaoke facility (charged)
Service and leisure activities (including arrangements) Room service・Laundry service・Massage (charged)・Shogi (Japanese chess) (charged)・Game of go (charged)・Mah-jong (charged)・Gym (charged)・Ground (charged)・Tennis (charged)・Golf (charged)・Putting golf (charged)・Horse riding (charged)・Pottery (charged/incl. arrangement)・Preparing Soba (Japanese noodle) (charged/incl. arrangement)
notes *Western-style toilet in all rooms. *Internet connection free. *Degital liquid crystal color TV in all rooms. *Yukata for rent(1000yen + tax and serivice fee). *Shibamasa World 10min, Tojinbo 15 min, Eiheiji Temple 40 min, Echizen Matsushima Aquarium 15 min, Katsuyama City Fukui Prefectural Dinosaur Museum 55min, Skijam Katsuyama 75min (by car).