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Kyukamura Rikuchu-Miyako

18-25-3 Sakikuwagasaki, Miyako-shi

Hotel ID : 337058


Located 20 minutes by car from Miyako station, served by JR and the Sanriku Railway! A communal hotel located in Sanriku Fukko National Park

A hotel that accepts Furusato coupons!
Located almost in the centre of Rikuchu Kaigan National Park (which has been incorporated into Sanriku Fukko National Park), this hotel serves wonderful cuisine in which you can enjoy seafood from Sanriku. It is also a picturesque spot, commanding a view of the sunrise over the eastern tip of Honshu (Japan's main island) that can be seen from the promenade.


Please be aware that the prices displayed in each currency (excluding Japanese yen) is a price for your reference.

This charge is the complete sum total. (Tax excluded, service charge included)

Japanese-style room

    • i

      Reservation possible without a credit card

    • JPY 18,000

      (USD 170)

    • i

      Reservation possible without a credit card

    • JPY 22,000

      (USD 207)

How to Access

FROM Yamada Line Miyako Station

By public bus (30minutes)

Hotel Details

Parking free parking
Pickup Service

/need reservation

transfers 2 times a day

Credit Cards VISA MasterCard JCB American Express
In the online credit settlement, you might not be able to use some cards, depending on the card types.

Types and numbers of the rooms

Western-style room11 room(s)
Japanese-style room56 room(s)
Japanese-Western mixed type0 room(s)
Others0 room(s)
Total number of the rooms67 room(s)

Western-style room detail

Single 0 room(s) | -
Double 0 room(s) | -
Twin 11 room(s) | -
Suite 0 room(s) | -
Room equipments All rooms with heating and cooling・TV・Empty refrigerator・Trouser press (incl. rental)
Internet accessibility of the room LAN connection(All rooms) ,Connection method  Wireless LAN ,PC is lent and none. ,The Internet connection is free.

Hot Springs and Baths

Hot spring No
Outdoor Indoor Sauna
Male Female Mixed Male Female Mixed Male Female Mixed
0 0 0 1 1 0 1 1 0

Amenities / Accommodations / Services

Hand towel Bath towel ×Soap Body soap
Shampoo (including two-in-one shampoo) Rinse Shower cap Hair brush
×Hair drier Cotton swab Toothbrush and toothpaste Shaver
Flush toilet ×Bathrobe Yukata ×Pajamas
×Feather comforter
Hotel Facilities Party room (charged)・Lounge・No-smoking room・Ice machine
Service and leisure activities (including arrangements) Shogi (Japanese chess)・Game of go・Mah-jong (charged)・Gym (charged)・Ground (charged)・Golf (charged)・Fishing (charged)
notes Internet LAN connection available in the lobby area on the main floor (free).